Although overall balance in April and May 2018 is negative, balance in June and July shows a surplus reflecting the revenues received from BPT interim payments and BnPT.

Budget utilization

56.2% of the approved budget has been utilized up to July 2018 for spending on recurrent and capital expenditure, loan repayments and capital subscriptions and transfers. Revenue and grants received till July 2018 was 59.0% of revenue and grants projection.


Largest revenue in July 2018 and 2017 was from business and property taxes due to collections from Business Profit Tax and Bank Profit Tax. Other major revenues include GST and Import Duty.


Majority of spending for the month was for salaries and allowances while a significant portion was spent on grants which includes Aasandha and Subsidies. Large spending on other infrastructure assets in July 2017 reflects payments made for the construction of Dharumavantha Hospital.

Expenditure by AGA

Spending through the special budget was carried out for subsidies, infrastructure projects, lendings and capital contributions to SOEs. Spending by MoE is for stationary vouchers, PSIP, pre-school subsidies and scholarships. Other major spenders include MoHI for infrastructure projects, MoH and IGMH on medical consumables and NSPA on social contributions.